Week of July 20th, 2015

Welcome back fiery force of nature. With the innocence of a blithe child, the strength of a mighty lion, and the imagination of raw genius, the Leo gifts us once more with its luminous presence. Ruled by Jupiter, merry planet of abundance, the largest cat of the kingdom has a wide domain and kingdom of family. Symbol of personal integrity and intelligence, and one of the fixed signs of the zodiac, the leader calls each of us to shine. Holding us to the greatest standard of character, yet gracing us with the room to grow and glow, we are granted the evolution we require. Be yourself, trust, and participate in the great dance of the pride. Love your being and respect life. Be joyful and ecstatic, generous and exemplary, like the sun.

"A special transmission outside the scriptures; not dependent on words or letters ; a direct pointing to the heart of man; seeing into ones own nature , and the attainment thereby of Buddhahood."
- Joseph Campbell, zen description from MYTHS TO LIVE BY