Week of June 20th, 2015

The healing waters of cancer couldn't arrive sooner. Take time out to adjust to the change in frequency as the sun moves into the ancient moon ruled crustacean. The immediacy of thoughts gives way to poetry, in miraculous sync with the universe. Presence of heart and feeling supersede the analytical process. Be unraveled now by the ocean within you. Swim along, remembering your infinite bond with the universe. Realize the enlightenment that pervades all being. Get nourished by the sparkling cascades of a love that constantly surrounds you. Find the sacred, illuminated Space within you. Glow in the glee of the spiraling cosmos, ever spinning. Cruise along to the crescendo of sounds and summons, in the wide waters of the mother crab.

"Often when imagination twists the commonplace into a slightly new form, suddenly we see soul where formerly it was hidden."
-Thomas Moore