Week of October 23, 2014

As my own mother, a native of the sign always says, "a scorpio cuts to the chase." Symbol of the thresholds of life and death, pretense is not so much stripped away as it is revealed, considered useless, and abandoned. To experience the ecstasy of both dissolution and re-generation, we only need the essentials. First, in the form of the scorpion, who confronts and removes the poison which stands in the way of vitality, then the phoenix who teaches of the infinite nature of our inner powers to heal, create and love, and finally the eagle whose flight is a symbol of our absolute liberty once we relinquish most fully. Welcome back to the source of your being. May the waters within and about you overwhelm your physical form, break down barriers, and carry you further into bliss. There's no need to guard yourself against what is indeed the strongest current of the season. Let the unyielding tides take you, undo you, and set you more free. Peace and wellness is (eventually) always the reward for your surrender. This is a passionate entity whose force is ever carrying us towards evolution, with a relentless momentum. Rejoice in her strength, relax in her knowledge. Be cleansed by her loving persistence, rejuvenated by her pure will, mystified by her three dimensional wisdom.

"The soil you see is not ordinary soil. It is the dust of the blood, the flesh, and the bones of our ancestors....The land, as it is, is my blood and my dead, it is consecrated..."
She's His, Reno Crow