November 21st, 2016

After a long winded journey through the dimensions, we emerge back into the swinging light. Awaking from a deep sleep to greet a bright day, the archer is eager to begin its adventure.

As the ninth sign, Sagittarius calls us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and to pursue knowledge and ideals with vigorous optimism. The timing could not be more precise. Even as the days grow shorter and the clouds of our cultural climate loom, these fires burn without pause. The wandering philosopher is ceaseless in its quest to go forth into unknown territory, unusually undaunted, casting light into the shadows, and penetrating through the malaise of ignorance and deceit with an instinct as fierce as its intellect. Be joyful in your journey, letting your individual faith in a higher truth lead the charge towards the greater goal.

"The journey we are taking is for a sacred purpose. And as we are led by the supernatural power in Mother Corn, we must address every object we meet, because the Great Spirit is in all things. Everything we come to as we travel can give us help..."
THE HAKO: SONG, PIPE AND UNITY in a Pawnee Calumet Ceremony
- Alice C Fletcher

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