May 24th, 2017

I would say the sign of the twins are known for their "double vision" but the truth is their lens is not simply dual. In fact, they have a billion eyes, which possess an infinite ability to see between, among, beyond, and directly into the worlds and dimensions. At no other time of the year are we better equipped to decipher the messages of our multi universe. What is more- as well and as often as the Gemini reveals the diversity of colors in the language and signs that represent our pasts, presents, futures, it also seeks to demonstrate the patterns that underlie the variety. As much of a mirror to difference as it is to sameness, the Gemini lays waste to the illusionary facade of separation from the "other". Everything is a reflection now, meant to precisely acknowledge what stands in the way of our unity and then echo back to us the supreme divinity of our community with self, each other, the environment, the galaxies, and the metaphysical elements that make up our planets.

"Your understanding can become so powerful that it makes your mind really straight."

Basic Buddhist teachings - Lana Yeshe

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